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Dec 20, 2016
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The proposed gateway to a planned interoceanic canal shows little sign of activity but locals say Chinese experts have visited recently and work will start soon.

Oct 29, 2016
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EU and 24 countries sign long-awaited agreement to protect 1.1m sq km of water in Southern Ocean, ensuring that fewer younger fish will be caught

Jul 29, 2016
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Posted by: alvin
The Utila Ferry War is Over.
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Weather Fax Info

For the benefit of those who need marine weather information but are unable to access the Internet, the U.S. National Weather Service provides weather charts by way of shortwave radio. This service, variously called "weatherfax" or "HF radiofax", has worldwide coverage A Java short-wave weatherfax receiver/converter for your computer and it is free released under the GPL.. Also on this site:

  • Radio Receiver: Not all shortwave radios are created equal, and there are many very bad shortwave radios available. The best choice for fax reception is a stable, digital radio with the ability to tune and display frequencies with a resolution of less than one kilohertz.
  • Calibration: In most ways, radiofax reception is a simple matter of decoding tones and constructing an image, but there is one exception —
  •  Automatic Reception:Once the above-described calibration procedure is complete, you can simply let JWX run unattended and collect weather charts —
  • Weak-Signal Problems and Solutions: Shortwave radio reception varies greatly in quality, and there will be times when received signals are marginal. JWX has been designed to accommodate varying signal levels and noisy conditions
  • Technical: Radiofax Protocol, Start/Stop Tone Detection, Clock Calibration, and more.

NMG, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


  • 4317.9 kHz: 0533-1930 UTC (tune radio to 4316.0 kHz)
  • 8503.9 kHz: 0000-2400 UTC (tune radio to 8502.0 kHz)
  • 12789.9 kHz: 0000-2400 UTC (tune radio to 12788.0 kHz)


Mode: 120 RPM, IOC: 576


Time UTC   Product                                  RPM/IOC   VALID  MAP
0000/1200  TROPICAL SURFACE ANALYSIS                120/576   18/06      1 
0030/1230  24/36 HR WIND/SEAS FORECAST (2 CHARTS)   120/576 00&12/12&00  2 
0050/1250  HIGH SEAS FORECAST (IN ENGLISH)          120/576   22/10      5 
0115/1315  0/12 HR WIND/SEAS FORECAST (2 CHARTS)    120/576 00&12/12&00  2 
0135/1335  U.S. SURFACE ANALYSIS                    120/576   18/06      3 
0150/1350  GOES-8 IR TROPICAL SATELLITE IMAGE       120/576   2345/1145  4 
0600/1800  TROPICAL SURFACE ANALYSIS                120/576   00/12      1 
0630/1830  BROADCAST SCHEDULE                       120/576 
0650/1850  HIGH SEAS FORECAST (IN ENGLISH)          120/576   04/16      5 
0715/1915  0/12 HR WIND/SEAS FORECAST (2 CHARTS)    120/576 06&18/18&06  2 
0735/1935  U.S. SURFACE ANALYSIS                    120/576   00/12      3 
0750/1950  GOES-8 IR TROPICAL SATELLITE IMAGE       120/576   0645/1745  4 
0805/2005  (REBROADCAST OF 0030/1230)               120/576 00&12/12&00  2

MAP AREAS:  1.  05S - 35N,    0 - 120W
            2.  10N - 30N,  55W - 100W
            3.  15N - 50N,  65W - 125W
            4.  12S - 44N,  28W - 112W
            5.   3N - 32N,  35W - 100W (AREA COVERED BY TEXT FORECAST)

Programs for weather fax decoding

FTV  pop - FTV is an MS-DOS program used to receive images from Weather Satellites and Terrestrial Facsimile Stations, text transmissions from radio telex services, Morse code, as well as Amateur Radio FAX, SSTV, RTTY and CW signals. It can also be used to transmit FAX and SSTV. No external hardware, other than a radio, is required, as all the necessary signal processing is implemented in software.
MultiPSK  pop - Windows freeware miltimode program by F6CTE that supports BPSK31 QPSK31 PSK63 PSK63F PSK10 PSKFEC31 PSKAM CW CCW THROB 4 bauds THROBX RTTY SITOR-AMTOR-NAVTEX FELD HELL PSK JT65 HELL HF FAX SSTV FILTERS
RadioRaft  pop - RadioRaft decodes 10 different ARQ modes, 8 different FEC modes, Packet, Baudot, CW... It works with a Hamcomm interface or a radiomodem. RadioRaft offers automatic detection of modes, speeds and shift. It comes with a frequencymeter/baudmeter included, it has signal frequency tracking and a bit by bit display mode. Very easy to use. practical and fast.
SkySpy ACARS  pop - SkySpy is a software program combining a decoder and a database in order to decode ACARS transmissions, the digital data link between commercial aircraft and ground stations, demod ACARS FAX METEO POCSAG HAM
SSTV FAX WX Software  pop - A very clomplete ham radio software collection for SSTV, FAX, and WX
Weather Fax and Weather Satellites  pop - Weather Fax for Windows hardware and Software.
APT Decoder - APTDecoder is a free software for recording and decoding signals transmitted by NOAA POES APT enabled weather satellites. It is run on a NT-based version of Window
ATPDEC - Atpdec is an open source program that decodes images transmitted by POES NOAA weather satellite series. These satellites transmit continuously, among other things, medium resolution images of the earth on 137Mhz. These transmissions could be easily received with an inexpensive antenna and dedicated receiver. For more information about receiving POES satellite images consult the rig site.
David Taylor Satellite tools - Collection of Satellite and Audio tools. Weather and satellite software and utilities
Ham Fax - HamFax is an application for sending and receiving facsimiles in amateur radio and for receiving public facsimile broadcasts like weather maps. Supported interfaces are sound cards and the SCS-PTCII from Special Communication Systems.
iPad iPhone HF Weather Fax Decoder App - HF Weather Fax lets you receive marine weather radiofascimile transmissions on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Just connect it to a shortwave radio tune in a weather fax frequency, and watch the images come in.
MeteoFax32 - Weatherfax decoding software with modem
MeteoWare, meteorological freeware - Freeware Synop Decoder in multilanguage format
MScan Meteo - The revolutionary program, combining the ability to decode FAX, NAVTEX and RTTY signals, make VOICE recordings and view GRIB files in a single program!
Mscan Meteo V 3.2 - Access to weather forecasts while at sea or at home Weather fax, RTTY, Navtex commercial program
Multi-fax Priority listing - Weather demodulator software, cards and antennas.
Satfax - Satellite weather decoding software, designed for those weather monitors who use their ICOM R7000, ICOM R7100 or AOR 3000A
SatSignal Priority listing - Program to demodulate NOAA, Okean, Meteor 3-5 and Resurs signals without the bent verticals resulting from WXSat.
SeaTTY RTTY/NAVTEX decoder - Program to receive weather reports and navigational warnings transmitted on longwave and shortwave bands in RTTY and NAVTEX modes. None additional hardware is required - your need only receiver and computer with a sound card.
SWIFT WX - SWIFT WX Version 2.0 combines a powerful GIS mapping engine with real-time weather maps and storm tracking data making it the most comprehensive storm tracking application available.
Weather Net - Complete weather reports from USA Puerto Rico US Virgin Islands and Guam/Marianas
WeFax 99 - weather facsimile software for Kantronics TNCs
WXSat - WXSat for Windows 3.1/95/NT, decodes the signals in the APT format from NOAA, Meteor, Okean, Resurs, Meteosat and GOES Satellites (AM) with a Soundcard. WXSat can decode also FM-Fax for decoding facsimile-signals transmitting via shortwave
WXtoImg - WXtoImg is a freeware advanced APT (NOAA, Meteor) and WEFAX (GOES, Meteosat) weather satellite decoding program for Windows, Linux, and MacOS X
WXWarn - Weather Software - WXWarn taps into the US National Weather Service real time weather data feed, constantly monitors NWS weather updates and displays just the alerts that are important to you as they are issued.
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