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Dec 20, 2016
Category: General
Posted by: alvin

The proposed gateway to a planned interoceanic canal shows little sign of activity but locals say Chinese experts have visited recently and work will start soon.

Oct 29, 2016
Category: General
Posted by: alvin

EU and 24 countries sign long-awaited agreement to protect 1.1m sq km of water in Southern Ocean, ensuring that fewer younger fish will be caught

Jul 29, 2016
Category: General
Posted by: alvin
The Utila Ferry War is Over.
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USA MailBox Service

Get all your mail and packages sent to your USA MailBox Service address in Miami and we will notify you when your mail and packages come in to the bodega.  You come in and pick them up.

It is that simple.

We deliver your mail to you at any one of our bodegas in Guatemala or Honduras.

Our USA MailBox Service uses Ocean Freight for all mail, packages and cargo.  You can request Air Freight  (faster, more expensive) if you wish.


Update 2015 Please read

No one seems to need this mailbox service. But everyone needs to move cargo. We do this a lot. So let me just say that we are happy to do this for you. If you want us to move your cargo for you and you ask us to we give you a price, that price is not a quote. You may pay more, you may pay less. It is a price the cargo companies charge us that we in turn bill you for. That price does not include tax, duty or local transport. If your cargo is expensive you better ask for a quote. Taxes and duty can be a killer on expensive cargo.  Ocean cargo is the least expensive way to move cargo. Air freight is the most expensive way, almost always air freight total cost is 35% to 40% of cargo invoiced amount but I have seen in it more then double the amount.  If we move private cargo for you we need charge you a fee to do it.  This fee covers our other small expenses like annual license fees, location rent, phone service and other business expenses. At this writing our fee is $15.00 the other charges we pay are billed to you as they are charged to us. Freight from Florida to Guatemala or Honduras, taxes, customs duty, then transport from that freight terminal to one of our locations for pickup by you.  We value our customers and will always do the best we can for you.


You can change your billing address on bank cards to the USA MailBox Service address for those companies that will only ship to the same address as the billing address.

Here are some links to bank card issuers that you can use with your USA MailBox Service.  You can change your regular bank card address to your USA MailBox Service address if that will work for you....

If you know of other links we should have here, please contact us.  Thanks!

Ocean Freight -

All our ocean freight ships out of Miami, FL, USA and is received at our Bodega in Puerto Cortes, Honduras.  We use private transport to move freight between our locations in Guatemala and Honduras.  You can pick up your mail or cargo at any of our locations.

Service Fees -

USA MailBox Service Account:
$10.00 USD per month.
We deliver your mail to one of our bodegas (your choice).  This price covers normal flat mail.
If your mail is catalogs and bulk mail of some kind then the price goes up.
When the weight & bulk of the mail goes up the price goes up.

Packages and Cargo:
$25.00 USD each box plus $1.35 USD  per pound.  This includes all freight, duty, and taxes.
For specific reasons this rate can change.  Freight companies charge by the pound, but in reality they arepaying for space in a container, or space on a ship. When the freight is big and light weight you still have to pay for the space,  EXAMPLE:  If you order a holding tank (big and lightweight).
We have to add a Light Weight Surcharge to pay for this air space.
PLEASE!   Ask your company of origin, family or friend to pack all shipments with minimum of empty air space left unused... to help keep your cost down!
If you order something very heavy,  EXAMPLE: a motor or gen-set (a few hundred pounds) you may want to get a quote.  The price may even go down.
*If you are receiving packages and cargo we need to have Invoices from the Company of Origin!
*If your cargo consists of ONLY Personal things we STILL need a complete List (with Values) of EVERYTHING in the Box!
We are more than happy to chase down information and create documents for you.

By Air Freight: Takes about 1 week
Cost:$20.00 USD per package.
By Ship (Ocean Freight): Takes about 3 weeks.
Service -
To set up USA MailBox Service:
Read the disclaimer below and Pay for 6 months of service ($60.00).
We will then give you your address and box number. 
By using our service you agree to our Terms of Service.
Anything can happen, we have been doing this for a while now and so far have no problems, but we can not guarantee it will stay that way.  When you bring things across the border customs wants to look in the box, and see a receipt.  From Honduras to Guatemala, if the cargo is valued at $500.00 USD or less and is for personal use they should let you let you though no problem.  From Guatemala to Honduras the officials are more difficult. This applies to moving freight both directions in or out of Honduras.

If there are problems we can not be held responsible.  Even though we have never had any problems, the day might come when you are asked to sign papers and make a trip to customs with your passport and boat papers to claim your cargo.  Keep your fingers crossed.  We have import agents in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala and Puerto Cortes, Honduras.   If and when there are problems we can get the job done.  Problems arise only when crossing a border. You can always count on your mail and cargo coming from Miami to arrive at our bodega in P. Cortes.

Terms of Service
These Terms of Service may change from time to time.  
By use of our service you agree to:
  1. Pay our regular service fee.
  2. Pay any additional customs duty, import agent charges, and taxes.  If this happens we agree to provide assistance, information, and make phone calls for you free of charge.
  3. You agree to hold us harmless.
If you have any questions please contact Us.

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