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Dec 20, 2016
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The proposed gateway to a planned interoceanic canal shows little sign of activity but locals say Chinese experts have visited recently and work will start soon.

Oct 29, 2016
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EU and 24 countries sign long-awaited agreement to protect 1.1m sq km of water in Southern Ocean, ensuring that fewer younger fish will be caught

Jul 29, 2016
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The Utila Ferry War is Over.
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Coolant temperature sensor

In this page we will show you how to diagnose and replace a bad CTS ( Coolant temperature sensor ). First we will explain how a coolant temperature sensor works.

1- How does the coolant temperature sensor "CTS" work?
The coolant temperature sensor is a thermistor ( a resistor which varies the value of its voltage output in accordance with temperature changes. ). The change in the resistance values will directly affect the voltage signal from the water thermosensor. As the sensor temperature decreases, the resistance values will increase. As the sensor temperature increases, the resistance values will decrease.
The coolant temperature gauge repersents this as a temperature.
The most common coolant temperature sensor location is near the thermostat housing, you may need to check the service manual.

If your motor is equipped with what seems to be two coolant temperature sensors , your motor has a coolant temperature sensor and a coolant temperature sending unit, the coolant temperature sending unit operates the temperature gauge in your instrument cluster and the coolant temperature sensor sends the signal to the engine control computer to transmit the correct engine temperature, the way to recognize which one is the sending unit and which one is the actual coolant temperature sensor is to unplug the electrical connector and see how many wires are attached to it, the CTS has two terminals, while most temperature sending units only have 1.

2- How do I know if the coolant temperature sensor in my boat is bad?

More on this later....