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May 23, 2016
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Venezuelans protesting over lack of food and medicine, water and electricity confronted by police 

By Caribbean News Now contributor
Oct 24, 2015
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Within months any billionaire wanting to sail their marine home into US waters will have to comply with stringent new environmental regulations to curb their hulking vessel’s polluting effects.
Apr 10, 2015
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Neptune5 Hard Hybrid Thin Film Antifouling Paint

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Hempel has priced us out of the market. On 16th of Dec, 2014 they raised our price of, Olympic A/F (5gal) to $1083.30 that is $216.66 our cost per gallon.  There are better buys out there, like Seahawk.  But if you still want a can we will sell it for our cost plus shipping and handling.


Hempel has two antifoulings that can be used in pleasure crafts.  Their OLYMPIC 76600 and their GLOBIC 8195O, both of these products comes in dark red, light red, sky blue and black.  Packages are in 5 gallon cans and in 1 gallon cans. We stock the 1 gallon size, but let us know if you want the 5 gallon, size .




HEMPEL’S THINNERS 08... product datasheet PDS_08.pdf

These links are to pdf files, if your browser won't show them, you may have to download a plugin.


FAQ's: for Hempel

Can I buy OCEANIC?
All our Hempel products come from the USA. They do not have Oceanic in the USA, we can offer GLOBIC 81950, this is a step up from Oceanic, if you want to go step below to Oceanic werecommend our Olympic 76600. Neither 8495K or 8490K are manufactured in the USA.

Can we apply Olympic over oceanic?

I want a bottom paint that is hard  and won't come off when you are moving?
All antifoulings I know in the market today polish off.  You can try our Olympic 76600 that polishes less than the GLOBIC 81950.  If the boat does not move, it will get fouling no matter what product you apply.  The action of the water or polishing is how these products work.

Do I need to thin the bottom paint before putting it on?
No thinning need.  It comes ready to apply.  But if it sits with the lid off, it will get thick and need some thinner.

What is the best AF to use on an aluminum hull sail boat?
Any of their antifoulings as long as the aluminium is protected by 2 coats of Hempadur Mastic 45881. Sold in 5 gallon kits only.  Let us know we will get a price for you.

What is the best Antifoulant for use on high speed GRP power boats?
The best opition is their Hempasil System at $325.00 per gallon, it consists of 2 coats, surface needs to be totaly sandblasted and Epoxy primer applied, the epoxy is our 45750 Red and Gray, the price for this is $69.00 per gallon.

How come the cans of black paint are bigger then the blue ones?
There is 1 gl of paint in each of the cans, sometimes we use cans from Europe that are for liter packaging but you can be sure there is 1 gl in each of the cans.

Can I use the 08080 thinner with other paint?
Hempel Thinner 08080-00000 can only be used for our Antifoulings and Modified Acrilyc two component polyurethane.

Does OLYMPIC 76600 have limited shelf life?
Yes, one year if the can has not been opened.  If you send us the  batch number on the label we can ask Hempel when it was manufactured.

What is the Hempel Olympic 86900 we have seen elsewhere?
We do not have 86900 in the USA, please go to and at the bottom of the page click on Technical Data Sheets and look up 86900.  In the USA we have 76000 Olympic of which you are familiar with.

How long can I stay out of the water after I paint the bottom?
The Olympic 76600 can stay out of the water up to 30 days with no problem after freshly applied and it should not go in the water before 16 hours after application.

How will Hempel Antifouling 76600 be affected by pulling the boat from the water on a trailer and back in the water repeated times, wet/dry multiple times?
Its not affected as long as it does not dry out, if it does it will start to crack, it should be maintained humid by wetting with a garden hose.

What shade of color is Olympic paint come in?
The colors for antifouling change dramatically after it is in use according to waters, trade and activity and are not listed in any color card to prevent complaints, however, for guidance only you can go to go to container then go to product shades and down load the container color card, use 30230 shade for Olympic blue 30240 and 51170 for red 50300 and 50880 for red 51110.  Black is black. Link to color card



Julio Cabarga

Marine Sales

Hempel (USA) Inc