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May 4, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: alvin
Just as today, governments past took advice about science. Isaac Newton gave evidence on solving the longitude problem. Was his advice as counterproductive as many have said?
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Here is the information to pay your Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, or Others Services.

You can always walk in to one of our locations during business hours and pay the sales clerk.


This link is for bank cards, Transactions here will be processed with our Authoriz.Net Payment Gateway account under the name of ZoomWireless:   As of July 2014 our account with e-onlinedata has been closed. Until further notice please make your payments to one of the banks below.


PayPal login to your paypal account  Use the address below to send us a payment.




For a direct payment to a bank: All accounts under the name of Alvin Martin,  when you pay this way please send us a note that you made the payment.  (1) who made it  (2) the date  (3) the amount, or just scan the receipt and send that to us.  Contact Us


  •     Banco Continental
  • for USD use account number 02-49-005 687 
  • for HNL use account number 02-49-005 695


  •    Banco Industrial
  • for USD use account number 313-007695-0 
  • for GTQ use account number 125-000701-3


  •     Capital One 360
  • Account number: 156338011   Routing Number 031176110