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May 4, 2013
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Posted by: alvin
Just as today, governments past took advice about science. Isaac Newton gave evidence on solving the longitude problem. Was his advice as counterproductive as many have said?
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Private Transport

We provide a private Transport Service to: San Pedro Sula Honduras and back by automobile. We currently use a 1992 Honda Accord 4 door with a cargo roof rack.  We can get you to the airport in SPS on time, we will wait for you to check-in for your flight before we leave you (in case there are problems), and pick you up after your return flight.  You can do shopping in SPS.


Our Transport Services:

Airport Service from the Rio to the Airport in SPS - Departure flight; while you check-in for your flight the driver will wait until your bags are checked and your flight is confirmed.

Airport Service from the Airport in SPS to the Rio - Return flight Arrival; for transport to Rio Dulce …

Shopping Service to; Price Mart, Los Amates, Junior’s, Mundial, Indufesa, Larach.

Service to points along the way; Omoa, Puerto Cortes.

Transport is done in a 1992 Honda Accord 4 door with a roof rack. You can put 3 persons in the back and 1 in the front.  Stuff  can go on top, in the rack and in the trunk.


Current terms listed below.


Terms of Service for the service we provide from Rio Dulce Guatemala to San Pedro Sula Honduras and back by private automobile.

This service is carried out within the schedule of the border crossing hours at Corinto.  

Currently that is between: 6:00 am to  6:00 pm.

 One trip includes 275 miles and 8 hours of driver time. Cost for one trip is $130.00  

The price of this service includes a one day trip.  The driver leaves the Rio in the morning and returns to the Rio Dulce in the evening of that same day.

Additional charges will apply for additional miles, additional driver time and driver hotel.

The customer may make other arrangements with the driver. And the customer agrees to pay any extra expense for:

  • Driver hotel -  if the trip involves an overnight.

  • Additional miles above 275 miles at the rate of $0.32 per mile.

  • Driver wage at $6.50 per hour or $50.00 per additional 8 hour day.

 Note!  The Border opens at 6:00 am and the border closes at 6:00 pm  Plan Flights Accordingly

- Customers please.  Schedule your return flight so you arrive in SPS with enough time to cross the border before 6pm and return to the Rio Dulce the same day, without an added overnight stay or extra hours for your driver!